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Growing things - Cherry Coloured Funk
Growing things

My sisters new house has a greenhouse out back.  and it's a pretty big one at that. It's the first time I have had access to a greenhouse and since Cee is totally un-greenfingered...(she usually kills all kinds of house plants, digs up the flowers leaves the weeds....that kind of thing) that I have volunteered to answer her question when confronted with the green house: What am I going to do with that??  

Well here is what we have decided to do...
grow tomatos : I now have about 12 seedings (germinated from the actual seeds by my own fair hands) sitting all along the window ledge of my front room...
grow chillis: I've got about 6 wee seedlings in the same place as the tomatos.
Lou wants to grow corn and pomegranates but I think we'll walk before we start running.

I need to wait 'til they are about 6 inches high before I can transplant them into growbags in the green house but I still get a smile on my face every day when I pop in to see how they are progressing. I'll post a few pics of them at different stages...hopefully ending up with a picture of them heavily laden with lush tomatos.
I actually bought seeds for cherry tomatos so I don't know if they will grow as large as the usual tomato plants....but hey ho it's fun to wait and see.

Also in the offing are some sunflowers which I've got growing in the coldframe...I'll need to wait til they are a bit bigger beofre I choose a good spot to transplant them to ....I've planted some carrot seeds into a pot just to experiment, but I don't know how they will go...  onions are next ...

It's amazing to see a dull little seed turn into something completely different and large, just by adding water and a bit of soil...

Any watch this space for pics to come....

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