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Smell of coffee grounds - Cherry Coloured Funk
Smell of coffee grounds

I am currently sitting in work with a bag of used coffee grounds at my feet under the desk.  The smell is becoming rather overpowering.....Why you may ask .....well the machines in work used real beans, and the by product, which usually gets flung in the bin, are the coffee grounds. 
I love freebies of any kind and asked if the  coffee machine girl would keep these for me....she did...and No it is not to reuse to make coffee when I get home!! I am going to pop them into my compost bin..
Apparently they are really good for making rich compost. Smashing. 

I think I can get a bag nearly everyday...although I'll need to layer these grounds with my potato peelings etc...

Wooohooo for freebies....

Current Location: work
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: none I'm meant to be working

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