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Dawn Goes Lesbian - Cherry Coloured Funk
Dawn Goes Lesbian
 Did anyone watch the BBC3 tv programme with Dawn Porter ? It was entitled Dawn goes Lesbian or something crap like that. At first I was rather intrigued watching what she got up to, I had a few laughs at her antics then I got annoyed at he play acting...

Firstly she moved in for a months 'trial' with 3 other rather femme lesbians. This was a nice change from portraying all lesbians as butch dykes. The flatmates were a nice bunch of girls who took her out to a few clubs and pubs showing her a few different sides to the scene.
She met drag kings... women who drag up as men. (quite a funny bit with her and the effect a lemon was having on her!), she tried internet dating ....what a minefield it is...., she went in search of some professional advice regarding how to test her sexual preferences. This involved have a probe placed in her privates which monitored her reactions whilst she watch porn, both gay and straight. She read loads of erotic gay fiction, which was supposed to encourage the gay side of her to come out and she worked in a gay strip bar for a night. She got drunk and snogged a couple of girls. The producers did cover quite a range in the vast spectrum that makes up gay nightlife but there was a uneasy sense about the whole thing.  What was she trying to achieve? 

They had the phrase :She wanted to find out about her sexuality and see where it lay. Come off it Dawn, it was just a bit of voyeurism into a different lifestyle that you wanted, before you tootled back to your men loving, little girly, hair flicking, bouncy tits world. This is not a bad thing  but it was the way she wanted to play gay for a couple of weeks and the 'leave' this world to go back to her own 'world'. We all live on the same planet.
The most sickening part of the whole programme was the fact she had grown close to one of her flatmates, who was a really nice girl. They snogged a few times and that was it. Her time was up so she left the flat the next day to return to her proper life. 
 The way the programme ended it felt as though she had visited another country and then decided she profered home so had left that other country behind and didn't want to return. It's not a choice most of us make to be gay, this is our life.  Please don't treat us like a lab experiment..... wonder what she'll try oit next?/
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From: alex_alexsuze Date: February 28th, 2008 12:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Dawn Goes Lesbian

Saw it, blogged about it, hated it. Even video blogged abou it I was that ticked off.
anniemgf From: anniemgf Date: March 24th, 2008 04:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Dawn Goes Lesbian

Great where's your video blog??
From: alex_alexsuze Date: February 28th, 2008 12:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

Dawn Goes Lesbian

In answer to your question "Wha next?" - She's "having a baby". I've watched the trailer and it apepars that it involves squatting in a birthing pool, askng stupid questions and then giggling like a schoolgirduring the "delivery". It's the worst sort of television and I'm sure she'll go far because of it

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