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Blimey I've not been on for ages - Cherry Coloured Funk
Blimey I've not been on for ages
 Just realised how long it's been since I posted anything...
Been pretty busy with work, housey things and life.... 
It 's my sisters birthday today . I phoned her before 8 this morning to sing Happy Birthday to her. When she answered she sounded really puzzled...and explained that she was saying to herself...Who the hell is rining me at this time in the morning? Then she got me yodelling down the phone. (my singing is not good at the best of times never mind first thing in the morning.)  It was nice to surprise her and cheered me up going to work.  
They are coming over to me for dinner tonight so I have cake for afters...Don't know if I should dig out the candles ...might set the smoke alarm off!.

I also have a man coming over to measure me up for tiling (ooeerr!!) ....well the kitchen actually. It's been months since I got the kitchen finished but I've not got around to getting the tiles done yet. Cee has nagged me into action. I've picked the ones I want so am getting a man in to fit them. Did think about doing it myself , but know I would take 3 times as long and would want to buy an electric tile cutter etc etc ...so more expense . I'm going for the hassle free choice and not DIYing.
Wot I've been up to recently.:
Since getting a TomTom for Chrimbo I have been making an effort to punch in postcodes and visiting places I've never been to before ('going for runs' in the car). We went to Oban last week. Had a nice but chilly walk, smashing lunch then a toddled about the shops. May be better to visit in the better weather.
We've also been going back out for our 'lets get rid of some fat ' walks whilst doing our nosey around the neighbourhood. Now the nights are staying lighter for longer we'll be expanding our walks to weeknights.
I think I'll get the bikes out too , give them an overhaul, then we can go cycling in Pollok Park. 


We usually train for the 10k by running through here. There are nice routes in very picturesque surroundings. 

One of the guys I worked with left to go to a full time job, so we went out for dinner then some drinks. I was drinking Staropramen; a Czech lager; which I was told by Colin was not very strong... well I know I don't drink very much but this stuff hit me like a sledgehammer. I got the 8.30 train home, got Cee to pick me up from the station and was in bed for 9.... what a party animal I am. I slept for a solid 12 hours. Must say I would have it again 'cos I didn't have a hangover and had all my house work , washing, hoovering and tidying done in a couple of hours the next day. Great stuff!!

Going to the cinema Thursday to see Michael Clayton....wanted to see No Country for Old Men or even There Will be Blood, but the poxy picture house has them on at 5.pm. ....who can get to the cinema at that time.?

Think we'll go for dinner beforethe film since the show doesn't start 'til 8pm.

I got sent these pictures which I'm sure I've seen before of 'street art'...

They are so good, really fools the eye...

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