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New Car - Cherry Coloured Funk
New Car

Well I think I wrote about me getting rammed up the behind....In my car!!  I mean!!. Some silly woman ran into the back of me. The bumper was damaged and had to be taken away for repair. After this happened I had 3/4 decided it was time to go get a new car..... and now I am so glad I did.

I got the repair done , tarted the car up (it was gleaming so much you had to shield your eyes) and took it off down the garages seeking a replacement. I started off wanting a Honda Civic; the new shape model; then went on to the Mazda 6, then ended up getting a Mazda 3! .  Talk about changing your mind. Luckily I signed sealed and paid in blood, the deposit for the new car, making arrangements to pick it up the following week. Luckily I say, because as I was travelling in to work on the Monday (pick up the new car Monday night), it chucked it on me. I had to get pushed into the car park by our friendly security man.  How embarassing! 
I left it to cool down and it started again about an hour later , but I think it was very sick....

Was it very evil of me not to tell the garage about it's breakdown and to agree to let the garage drop my new car off to me in work the following day and pick up my old one?  (Because of a delay in registering the new one, they suggested this arrangement not me...)
I don't even know if the poor guy who took my car away got back to the garage at all. I did have the courtesy to feel bad for about 2 days, but then the feeling of driving a new car overtook me and I now love have 4 doors and a large boot to shove lots of stuff into.   Ah  the joys of motoring.

My New Car

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