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Gardening my new love - Cherry Coloured Funk
Gardening my new love
 I started growing some tomato plants, carrots and courgettes this year and woohooo I'm now reaping the benefits.

Here's the seedlings I got from the tomato seeds..
And here they are ready to go into the growbags

Now look at them..

My freshly picked carrots

They are so tasty....and now my chillies

These are quite slow growing, but the fruits are there and growing by the day. Can't wait to try them.
I've had 2 courgettes from my courgette plants so far with 10!! more on the go....

It takes a bit of time and I fear I'm becoming a garden nerd, but what the hey...I can eat the fruits of my labour so to speak.
Next year I'm thinking of spring onions, garden peas ...and anything else that I fancy...

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From: toby_ray Date: August 8th, 2008 10:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am so jealous! What am amazing crop! I want a garden so bad!!
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