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Smashing time..not for the lorry driver - Cherry Coloured Funk
Smashing time..not for the lorry driver
On my way to work on Thursday I was following my usual route (through an industrial esate, under the railway bridge then onto the dual carriageway). Well as I approached the railway bridge there was a tailback. Grissiling under my breath the queue slowing moved on to reveal the reason for the hold up....

A lorry had tried to pass under the railway bridge which was too big for the gap, the consequence being that the lorry's roof had been peeled off like the lid on a sardine can. The driver had got all the way through and the whole roof was off lying in a heap at the back. When I got there the driver was in his cab with his head in his hands. Probably nursing a very sore head....

The next day the 'local paper' had printed a picture of the whole sorry scene (minus the driver in his cab) and the description was "the trucks roof had been peeled off like a lid from a sardine can"!!

They copied my line....

I just wish I had my camera in the car  and  that from now on  I'll make sure I'll always have a camera handy....you never know what you'll come across

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