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Christmas is coming !! - Cherry Coloured Funk
Christmas is coming !!
Woohoo! only 15 days left 'til Christmas....  whoopy doo.......

I sat and wrapped all the presents I've bought so far and was getting excited at seeing all the brightly coloured wrapped packages.   I prefer giving presents than recieving them, enjoying the look of pleasure on the recipients face when they recieve a really appreciated gift. That's why Christmas is a time for kids!!  
My dad had a cine camera that he used to take films of us...when my sister was born at home, christenings, us down the beach and a really special one at Christmas. Dad had all the presents flying in and magically appearing around a teepee (my brothers present that Christmas) , then when we got up in the morning he filmed us opening the presents all wide eyed and pyjama clad. 
When my nephews were young (about 5 or 6) I had bought a cine camera and tried to do the same type of movie as my dad had...not as successful but so funny to watch now they are in their thirties. One of my nephews has 2 sons of his own and I hope to one year do the same type of thing for his boys only on a digital camcorder ...which will be much easier to edit.  

So hey ho roll on Christams.!!

Now I need to dig out the tree and write out all the cards..... 

I'm on the lookout for one of my neighbours to start putting out the really tacky lights on the outside of their house and garden and roof etc...but no one has gone overboard yet.....but there is still plenty of time....

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