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Cherry Coloured Funk
I have not written in my journal for quite some time and I think I will restart it. It lets you share stuff that you don't share with anyone else. So I am going to make myself get a bit more involved.....adding pictures and updates on what I've been doing...
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Being broke, David Thorne attempt to pay his $233.95 bill with a picture of a 7-legged spider. ....

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 I started growing some tomato plants, carrots and courgettes this year and woohooo I'm now reaping the benefits.

Here's the seedlings I got from the tomato seeds..
And here they are ready to go into the growbags

Now look at them..

My freshly picked carrots

They are so tasty....and now my chillies

These are quite slow growing, but the fruits are there and growing by the day. Can't wait to try them.
I've had 2 courgettes from my courgette plants so far with 10!! more on the go....

It takes a bit of time and I fear I'm becoming a garden nerd, but what the hey...I can eat the fruits of my labour so to speak.
Next year I'm thinking of spring onions, garden peas ...and anything else that I fancy...

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On my way to work on Thursday I was following my usual route (through an industrial esate, under the railway bridge then onto the dual carriageway). Well as I approached the railway bridge there was a tailback. Grissiling under my breath the queue slowing moved on to reveal the reason for the hold up....

A lorry had tried to pass under the railway bridge which was too big for the gap, the consequence being that the lorry's roof had been peeled off like the lid on a sardine can. The driver had got all the way through and the whole roof was off lying in a heap at the back. When I got there the driver was in his cab with his head in his hands. Probably nursing a very sore head....

The next day the 'local paper' had printed a picture of the whole sorry scene (minus the driver in his cab) and the description was "the trucks roof had been peeled off like a lid from a sardine can"!!

They copied my line....

I just wish I had my camera in the car  and  that from now on  I'll make sure I'll always have a camera handy....you never know what you'll come across

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My sisters new house has a greenhouse out back.  and it's a pretty big one at that. It's the first time I have had access to a greenhouse and since Cee is totally un-greenfingered...(she usually kills all kinds of house plants, digs up the flowers leaves the weeds....that kind of thing) that I have volunteered to answer her question when confronted with the green house: What am I going to do with that??  

Well here is what we have decided to do...
grow tomatos : I now have about 12 seedings (germinated from the actual seeds by my own fair hands) sitting all along the window ledge of my front room...
grow chillis: I've got about 6 wee seedlings in the same place as the tomatos.
Lou wants to grow corn and pomegranates but I think we'll walk before we start running.

I need to wait 'til they are about 6 inches high before I can transplant them into growbags in the green house but I still get a smile on my face every day when I pop in to see how they are progressing. I'll post a few pics of them at different stages...hopefully ending up with a picture of them heavily laden with lush tomatos.
I actually bought seeds for cherry tomatos so I don't know if they will grow as large as the usual tomato plants....but hey ho it's fun to wait and see.

Also in the offing are some sunflowers which I've got growing in the coldframe...I'll need to wait til they are a bit bigger beofre I choose a good spot to transplant them to ....I've planted some carrot seeds into a pot just to experiment, but I don't know how they will go...  onions are next ...

It's amazing to see a dull little seed turn into something completely different and large, just by adding water and a bit of soil...

Any watch this space for pics to come....

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I am currently sitting in work with a bag of used coffee grounds at my feet under the desk.  The smell is becoming rather overpowering.....Why you may ask .....well the machines in work used real beans, and the by product, which usually gets flung in the bin, are the coffee grounds. 
I love freebies of any kind and asked if the  coffee machine girl would keep these for me....she did...and No it is not to reuse to make coffee when I get home!! I am going to pop them into my compost bin..
Apparently they are really good for making rich compost. Smashing. 

I think I can get a bag nearly everyday...although I'll need to layer these grounds with my potato peelings etc...

Wooohooo for freebies....

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 Did anyone watch the BBC3 tv programme with Dawn Porter ? It was entitled Dawn goes Lesbian or something crap like that. At first I was rather intrigued watching what she got up to, I had a few laughs at her antics then I got annoyed at he play acting...

Firstly she moved in for a months 'trial' with 3 other rather femme lesbians. This was a nice change from portraying all lesbians as butch dykes. The flatmates were a nice bunch of girls who took her out to a few clubs and pubs showing her a few different sides to the scene.
She met drag kings... women who drag up as men. (quite a funny bit with her and the effect a lemon was having on her!), she tried internet dating ....what a minefield it is...., she went in search of some professional advice regarding how to test her sexual preferences. This involved have a probe placed in her privates which monitored her reactions whilst she watch porn, both gay and straight. She read loads of erotic gay fiction, which was supposed to encourage the gay side of her to come out and she worked in a gay strip bar for a night. She got drunk and snogged a couple of girls. The producers did cover quite a range in the vast spectrum that makes up gay nightlife but there was a uneasy sense about the whole thing.  What was she trying to achieve? 

They had the phrase :She wanted to find out about her sexuality and see where it lay. Come off it Dawn, it was just a bit of voyeurism into a different lifestyle that you wanted, before you tootled back to your men loving, little girly, hair flicking, bouncy tits world. This is not a bad thing  but it was the way she wanted to play gay for a couple of weeks and the 'leave' this world to go back to her own 'world'. We all live on the same planet.
The most sickening part of the whole programme was the fact she had grown close to one of her flatmates, who was a really nice girl. They snogged a few times and that was it. Her time was up so she left the flat the next day to return to her proper life. 
 The way the programme ended it felt as though she had visited another country and then decided she profered home so had left that other country behind and didn't want to return. It's not a choice most of us make to be gay, this is our life.  Please don't treat us like a lab experiment..... wonder what she'll try oit next?/
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 Just realised how long it's been since I posted anything...
Been pretty busy with work, housey things and life.... 
It 's my sisters birthday today . I phoned her before 8 this morning to sing Happy Birthday to her. When she answered she sounded really puzzled...and explained that she was saying to herself...Who the hell is rining me at this time in the morning? Then she got me yodelling down the phone. (my singing is not good at the best of times never mind first thing in the morning.)  It was nice to surprise her and cheered me up going to work.  
They are coming over to me for dinner tonight so I have cake for afters...Don't know if I should dig out the candles ...might set the smoke alarm off!.

I also have a man coming over to measure me up for tiling (ooeerr!!) ....well the kitchen actually. It's been months since I got the kitchen finished but I've not got around to getting the tiles done yet. Cee has nagged me into action. I've picked the ones I want so am getting a man in to fit them. Did think about doing it myself , but know I would take 3 times as long and would want to buy an electric tile cutter etc etc ...so more expense . I'm going for the hassle free choice and not DIYing.
Wot I've been up to recently.:
Since getting a TomTom for Chrimbo I have been making an effort to punch in postcodes and visiting places I've never been to before ('going for runs' in the car). We went to Oban last week. Had a nice but chilly walk, smashing lunch then a toddled about the shops. May be better to visit in the better weather.
We've also been going back out for our 'lets get rid of some fat ' walks whilst doing our nosey around the neighbourhood. Now the nights are staying lighter for longer we'll be expanding our walks to weeknights.
I think I'll get the bikes out too , give them an overhaul, then we can go cycling in Pollok Park. 


We usually train for the 10k by running through here. There are nice routes in very picturesque surroundings. 

One of the guys I worked with left to go to a full time job, so we went out for dinner then some drinks. I was drinking Staropramen; a Czech lager; which I was told by Colin was not very strong... well I know I don't drink very much but this stuff hit me like a sledgehammer. I got the 8.30 train home, got Cee to pick me up from the station and was in bed for 9.... what a party animal I am. I slept for a solid 12 hours. Must say I would have it again 'cos I didn't have a hangover and had all my house work , washing, hoovering and tidying done in a couple of hours the next day. Great stuff!!

Going to the cinema Thursday to see Michael Clayton....wanted to see No Country for Old Men or even There Will be Blood, but the poxy picture house has them on at 5.pm. ....who can get to the cinema at that time.?

Think we'll go for dinner beforethe film since the show doesn't start 'til 8pm.

I got sent these pictures which I'm sure I've seen before of 'street art'...

They are so good, really fools the eye...

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Woohoo! only 15 days left 'til Christmas....  whoopy doo.......

I sat and wrapped all the presents I've bought so far and was getting excited at seeing all the brightly coloured wrapped packages.   I prefer giving presents than recieving them, enjoying the look of pleasure on the recipients face when they recieve a really appreciated gift. That's why Christmas is a time for kids!!  
My dad had a cine camera that he used to take films of us...when my sister was born at home, christenings, us down the beach and a really special one at Christmas. Dad had all the presents flying in and magically appearing around a teepee (my brothers present that Christmas) , then when we got up in the morning he filmed us opening the presents all wide eyed and pyjama clad. 
When my nephews were young (about 5 or 6) I had bought a cine camera and tried to do the same type of movie as my dad had...not as successful but so funny to watch now they are in their thirties. One of my nephews has 2 sons of his own and I hope to one year do the same type of thing for his boys only on a digital camcorder ...which will be much easier to edit.  

So hey ho roll on Christams.!!

Now I need to dig out the tree and write out all the cards..... 

I'm on the lookout for one of my neighbours to start putting out the really tacky lights on the outside of their house and garden and roof etc...but no one has gone overboard yet.....but there is still plenty of time....

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Well I think I wrote about me getting rammed up the behind....In my car!!  I mean!!. Some silly woman ran into the back of me. The bumper was damaged and had to be taken away for repair. After this happened I had 3/4 decided it was time to go get a new car..... and now I am so glad I did.

I got the repair done , tarted the car up (it was gleaming so much you had to shield your eyes) and took it off down the garages seeking a replacement. I started off wanting a Honda Civic; the new shape model; then went on to the Mazda 6, then ended up getting a Mazda 3! .  Talk about changing your mind. Luckily I signed sealed and paid in blood, the deposit for the new car, making arrangements to pick it up the following week. Luckily I say, because as I was travelling in to work on the Monday (pick up the new car Monday night), it chucked it on me. I had to get pushed into the car park by our friendly security man.  How embarassing! 
I left it to cool down and it started again about an hour later , but I think it was very sick....

Was it very evil of me not to tell the garage about it's breakdown and to agree to let the garage drop my new car off to me in work the following day and pick up my old one?  (Because of a delay in registering the new one, they suggested this arrangement not me...)
I don't even know if the poor guy who took my car away got back to the garage at all. I did have the courtesy to feel bad for about 2 days, but then the feeling of driving a new car overtook me and I now love have 4 doors and a large boot to shove lots of stuff into.   Ah  the joys of motoring.

My New Car

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